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Tired Of Losing In Halo? I Can Help You Improve In Less Than 1 Hour!

Fellow Gamer,

My name is Chris, but most people know me online as thehalogod. I wasn’t always a professional gamer, so I know what it feels like to lose in Halo and it’s incredibly frustrating! I hated losing to my friends and having them rub it in my face, but after practicing and truly learning the tactics that the pros use I drastically improved my game play and was able to play Halo professionally!

In fact, I’ve been playing Halo for nearly 9 years now and I’ve taught dozens of people how to drastically improve their skills at Halo and I’ve even had a student that I taught who was able to play on the professional level as a result of my help! For the past several years that I’ve been doing private Halo lessons for players of all skill levels I’ve found several mistakes that everyone makes and uncovered the secrets that the professional gamers use to be the best. I’ve condensed this information down to an amazing video training course that is designed to make you the best Halo: Reach player possible.

Yes! The Become A Pro Gamer video training course teaches you the tactics that the professional Halo players use and I can even teach you what it takes to become a pro gamer!

Course Outline: Here’s How I Can Make You Better At Halo:

  • Gear That Makes You Better
  • Did you know a single piece of equipment can make you instantly improve? Well, inside I share what this is and how it’s improved my skill drastically.

  • How To REALLY Use Armor Abilities
  • Most people don’t know how to use armor abilities correctly. You may think you know, but the ninja tricks I teach inside show you how to really use the new armor abilities to your advantage.

  • How NOT To Die
  • One of the most overlooked elements in improving your Halo skills is your kill to death ratio. I teach you the tricks I use to avoid death at all costs and how you can help your team win.

  • How To Get MORE Kills
  • After I teach you how to avoid death I show you how to rack up the kills so you can be the MVP each game you play. The tactics I share with you are only used by the pros and they will give you the competitive edge to beat your opponents.

  • Full Game Video Examples
  • Once you’ve learned the pro skills, I provide you access to full game videos where you can watch first hand how I play so that you can apply the tactics to your own game play.

  • Bonus Video: How To Go Pro
  • I share my story and tell you what it takes to become a pro gamer so that you too can fly around the country and play Halo professionally.

  • Bonus Video: How To Make Montages
  • Finally, I show you how to make videos of your own game replays so that you can share them with your friends and use your montages to build a reputation. One of my most successful videos has been seen over a million times!

This is a complete video training course with over 60 minutes of video material designed to make you the best Halo: Reach player possible.

No Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee:

I’ve helped countless players improve their Halo skills with tips and tricks they had never even heard of, but if for some reason the course doesn’t help you improve simply return it.
There is absolutely no risk here with my 60 day no hassle return policy.

Take that next step and order the Become A Pro Gamer training course!

Note: This is a Video Training Course.
You will be able to access all material in the Become A Pro Gamer training course instantly after payment.